In crypto, your lawyer is much more than a lawyer.

We are a boutique crypto law firm that has been focused on cryptocurrency clients for the past 5 years

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Why us

  • We understand crypto

    from the legal, trading and tech perspectives

  • We understand business

    We never neglect the business angle and we will make sure we find the solution compatible for your business needs as well as your legal needs.

  • We are always up to speed

    Crypto and NFT related regulations are evolving fast. We are always up to speed with what’s happening and able to give you the most relevant solution.

  • We have good banking connections

    We are involved in the crypto world and have a good grip of it, from all aspects and not just the legal aspects.

  • We speak plainly

    We know how confusing life can suddenly become when you first meet your lawyer to talk about your crypto project’s needs. We won’t bombard you with big lawyer phrases and words.

  • We are proactive

    When you work with us, we ask you about the things you don’t mention yourself to make sure you have everything covered.

Our services

  • NFT Projects

    We work with a long list of jurisdictions where you can set up your NFT Project. We will tell you what jurisdiction and company type/ structure we think is best for you, we will legally review your white papers, marketing documents, roadmap, and take care of all the legal needs of your NFT project.

  • Token Sales and Private Placements

    Token sale legal documents, advice, purchasing agreement, securities laws and financial laws advice.

  • Crypto Exchanges

    We can help you establish your crypto exchanges in various jurisdictions including Lithuania, Slovakia, US and Australia.

  • Licensing and Regulation

    We can help you obtain financial and cryptocurrency licenses, as well as regulatory rulings for your ICO, crypto PSP, crypto exchange, crypto fund or crowdfunding platform.

  • Bank and Payment Accounts

    We can help you open bank accounts, credit card clearing accounts (“merchant account”), prepaid cards accounts, loadable crypto debit cards accounts, e-wallet accounts and direct IBAN (“designated”) accounts.

  • Agreements and Legal Documents

    We can draft or review your contracts and agreements with your co-founders, investors, token purchasers shareholders, third party providers, and anyone else you’ve chosen to contact with. We can also draft your.

  • Introductions

    If you come to us in an early stage of your project, you need not worry about finding the other services beyond the legal- we can introduce you to any other service provider you may need, and you can rest assured we truly know and trust them all.


If you come to us in an early stage of your project, you need not worry about finding the other services beyond the legal- we can introduce you to a


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About us

Aviya has been passionately focused on the crypto legal practice for quite some time. This passion has led her to develop and manage the blockchain practice of a well-known Fintech TLV based law firm, and then to move on and establish her own firm, focused solely on crypto and NFTs.


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